Simone Anne Lang/Staff

The Beaker Blues

By Nina Djukic

  Here’s a question: What’s a problem a theoretical neuroscientist, a biochemist and a zoologist can’t solve?   The answer is how to combat barriers in their very own labs. If you haven’t heard by now, UC Berkeley is the best public university in the world — and not only
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Franchesca Spektor/Staff

Being Jew-“ish”

By Elizabeth Gordon

  Once, while standing in the lunch line of my private preparatory middle school, I turned to the boy behind me, who was decked out in purple converse and a Blink-182 shirt, and offered him some Skittles. He replied quickly: “I don’t want anything from your dirty Jew hands.” My
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Jessica Gleason/Staff

Photo Essay: Venturing north

By Jessica Gleason

This spring break, I had the opportunity to travel through the Pacific Northwest to experience Seattle, Portland, and everything in between. Far from the typical, tropical spring break destinations of Mexico and Miami, we found ourselves immersed in the rainy and cold climate that persists in the Northwest most days
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William Pan /Staff

The ones before me

By Ellie Ridge

  Jealousy makes me physically ill. I get lightheaded, my stomach twists into nausea and I end up feeling hot, short of breath and shaky like I witnessed a crime. It’s a similar sensation to when I see roadkill, but worse; it leaves me exhausted, as though adrenaline has been
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Rachael Garner/File

On dick pictures

By Sarah Noble

  I am here to voice what may be an unpopular opinion. The truth is, I don’t mind receiving pictures of penises via text, otherwise known as dick pics. As a matter of fact, I think they can be useful. Louis CK has a joke about women not knowing what
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