Jeffrey MacKie-Mason, manager of knowledge

  Ten o’clock Monday morning at UC Berkeley. Outside, people are hustling in every direction, hundreds of people throughout the day: frazzled people, fast people, people peering at other people, people buried in their phones or in books or magazines, many people not looking at anything at all — and
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The paradox of murals

Nestled between back entrances of laundromats and donut shops, large-scale murals emerge as an artistic space for cultural expression that lies apart from museums and galleries. While we are actively seeking out art when we go to a museum or gallery, murals exist in the periphery of our awareness. They
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How Pokémon Go derailed a franchise

It seems that Pokémon Go came in a tempestuous flurry of mixed media hype and snuck away quietly away in the night, a forgotten smartphone icon that we will look at from time to time on our homepage and consider deleting. The summer’s hottest app took the world by storm,
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Notes from my journal: Classroom edition

Notes taken from the classes: Ethnic Studies 159AC: The Southern Border ISF 100A: Introduction to Social Theory and Cultural Analysis History 100M: History of Political Islam Andrew Kuznetsov is a special contributor to the Weekender.

Nothing about us, without us

“This school likes to pride itself on being the most accessible campus on earth, and that’s … it’s just not true.” Lisa Albertson is a transfer student at UC Berkeley but unlike most of her undergraduate peers, she has been a student on campus since the year 2009. She is
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Personal essay: To infinite jest and friendship

He wrote to me, “I’ve figured out your eyes. The colour is like cold snow melting from the weight of the blue sky and piercing through clustered grey clouds.” My gaze moved from the letter to the window, and my mind fell into a memory-induced trance. I wiped the fog
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Poetry: Earthly dissonance

When your words run dry, Like the parched Colorado, thirsting for Mexico, Fissured lips, seldom a drop to lust at; Bed’s empty. When all it finds are bones, and you yours Find me I’ll be here.   When babes bristle at your touch Estranged — the forest from its soil,
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