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Philip McGough checks a ticket before carrying a deep dish pizza to one of his tables. He has worked at Zachary's Chicago Pizza for ten years.

Pieces of the pie: A look into Zachary’s Chicago Pizza

By Lauren Glasby

We live in a time where we can have anything and everything. Our pumpkin-spice-latte- smart-phone-filled desires are at our fingertips. But with consumerism comes consequences; as we make our purchases based on convenience, we turn a blind eye to the the exploitation occurring behind the closed doors of capitalism. Employees
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Short story: Sleepwalking

By Logan Goldberg

I  can never remember my dreams, at least the ones I have when I’m asleep. I’ve been asleep for a week now, I think. I pull off my blanket and sidle down the stairs. The night air tells me to go back to bed with its icy chill, but I’m
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The United(ish) States of Berkeley

By Kelsi Krandel

T he Fourth of July in Boston should have been a moment of overwhelming pride. Certainly, it was an exciting day. As a proud cornerstone of colonial American history, Boston takes Independence Day quite seriously. Thousands of people celebrated together on the banks of the Charles River, staring up at the
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Just give it away

By Marlena Trafas

You see my name up there? Marlena Trafas. I now recommend you open a new browser, go to Facebook and type my name in. Take a gander at my photos. I recommend scrolling all the way back to my high school graduation, June 2013. Now scroll up through the years.
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