The Golden Hour: A personal essay to say goodbye

UC Berkeley is really a campus in and of its own time. Who doesn’t remember being a freshman stunned by their professors’ supposed 10-minute tardiness during the first week of classes? The Wall Street Journal blamed Berkeley time for students’ inability to be punctual in a piece of content clickbait.
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Being Berkeley: A personal essay

Can you be in love with a place? Because that’s how I feel about Berkeley — utterly in love. And I don’t hesitate to say “in love” because how I feel about Berkeley is unconditional and irrevocable. Despite all of its flaws, and we know there are many (the overpacked
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Those damn anxious butterflies: A personal essay

We as a collective society have this undeniable fear of mortality. Something about the uncertainty of death and ceasing to exist disturbs our psyche and pushes us to pursue any method of distraction from this inevitable death. We think we can live on by accumulating fame or wealth or even
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Nikon film camera

Artistry, vintage and modern: A personal essay

In defense of the film camera

The summer before high school started, I found a dated film camera while scouting my father’s desk drawer in our study: a Nikon FM2 made in the early 1980s. With only minor scratches on its body and a lens and a viewfinder that were slightly blurred, the camera — well
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