1951 Coffee Company reopens on Channing Way in Berkeley

1951 Coffee Company
Alexandra Nobida/File
1951 Coffee is a nonprofit organization that runs three East Bay cafes dedicated to training and employing refugees. After closing all of its locations due to the coronavirus pandemic, 1951 Coffee reopened its doors on Channing Way on July 15.

Buying a cup of coffee is simply a daily routine, but with the reopening of one of 1951 Coffee Company’s locations, customers can once again turn a beverage into “a life-altering opportunity,” according to 1951 Coffee co-founder and CEO Doug Hewitt.
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1-star opinions

Off the Beat

At restaurants, I would routinely ask to sample everyone’s dish, make some unsophisticated mental notes about texture and taste, and then focus on the crux of my review: the time with my family.
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Satisfy your sweet tooth: Best dessert places in Berkeley

Berkeley is brimming with tons of sugary shops for you to satisfy all of your sweet tooth cravings. The sheer number of such places is quite intimidating and it can be difficult to determine which are actually worth visiting. To make the decision a little sweeter for you, here are some places that will fulfill every single one of your sugary desires.
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