Photo Essay: Berkeley in three dimensions

Nicole White/Staff

Stereoscopic images, also known as Wigglegrams, are moving images that create a 3-D effect. Each of the following images were shot with two cameras placed side by side, triggered simultaneously to capture the left and right side of each scene. With multiple vantage points played on a loop, the images
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Nintendo fails to bring A-game in ‘Yoshi’s New Island’

Nintendo’s favorite green dinosaur lets gamers down in “Yoshi’s New Island,” though some may still love this simple and happy creature. In the game, Yoshi hurls eggs, swallows enemies and hums while kicking his cute red feet in midair. A popular misconception — there is not just one Yoshi, but
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App of the Week: Augment

Name: Augment Platform(s): iOS, Android Price: Free Mission: “Visualize 3-D Models in Augmented Reality” Easily one of the most powerful smartphone apps we’ve seen to date, it may be considered a godsend for those trying to figure out how to furnish and organize their new place of residence for the summer
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