Picks of the week: New classics

There’s nothing like a good nostalgia fest: reading classic books, watching old movies and listening to music you loved as a kid. But do you know what else is just as great? Discovering new art to expand your horizons. These picks give you the best of both worlds, with some
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Read Rosemarie: How to ruin your childhood

I once read a scholarly theory (I found it on Tumblr) that says the reason our generation is deeply entrenched in nostalgia is because we experienced so much rapid technological innovation in such a short period of time. For us, what some may call “the recent past” actually feels like
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A desperate letter from the bankrupt Aaron Carter

Cultural Cadence

Hey guys, it’s Aaron. You know, your boy Aaron Carter. The blond-haired wunderkind you probably screamed after at one point or another. I’m writing to you from my brother Nick’s basement. I’ve been living here for a little while now. It’s cold. It’s dark. It’s lonely. I’ve eaten nothing but
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