Supporters celebrate signing of the California DREAM Act

Sean Goebel/Staff
Mario Lopez (left) and CalSERVE senator Ju Hong (right) spoke at a press conference on Monday in support of Jerry Brown signing the DREAM Act.

The dreary weather painted a sharp contrast to the mood in Eshleman Hall, as undocumented students and supporters celebrated the passing of the second part of the California DREAM Act at a press conference Monday. “Anytime a ‘DREAMer’ publicly identifies themselves, they draw the risk of deportation,” said Blanca Mendez,
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Campus awards scholarships to about 140 students under DREAM Act

For one undocumented UC Berkeley junior, a scholarship has meant the opportunity to dream again. Born in Japan, the student — who asked to remain anonymous to protect her immigration status — had a less-than-perfect childhood. After her family moved to California about 20 years ago, her undocumented father was
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UC Berkeley opens California DREAM Act scholarship

The UC Berkeley Financial Aid and Scholarships Office released the scholarship application for students who would receive private financial aid under the first part of the California DREAM Act starting January 2012. The $8,000 Berkeley Undergraduate Dream Act Scholarship — which was formed after Gov. Jerry Brown signed AB 130
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Brown signs landmark DREAM Act legislation

Gov. Jerry Brown signed the second part of the California DREAM Act — a controversial piece of legislation which grants undocumented students access to state financial aid — into law Saturday. The act, also known as AB 131, is the first such legislation to be signed into law in the
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Gov. Brown signs second part of California DREAM Act

Gov. Jerry Brown signed the second part of the California DREAM Act into law Saturday. AB 131 will allow undocumented students to apply for and receive state financial aid, such as Cal Grants. The California DREAM Act is composed of two parts, both authored by Assemblymember Gil Cedillo, D-Los Angeles. AB 131 is
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Gov. Brown has until Sunday to sign AB 131

Gov. Jerry Brown will decide by Sunday whether to sign AB 131, the second part of California’s DREAM Act. Both parts of the California DREAM Act — the first of which was signed by Brown into law in July — seek to provide financial aid to undocumented students who demonstrate
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How the DREAM Act may be a mirage

Assembly Bill 131, the second half of the so-called “DREAM Act,” is on its way to the Governor’s desk. Despite its name, it offers little more than a mirage to the students it promises to help and a nightmare to the citizens whose hard-earned dollars will be used to fund
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Undocumented students small portion of DREAM Act beneficiaries

UC statistics show less than 30 percent of AB 540 students are undocumented

As the second half of the California DREAM Act — which would allow students who qualify for in-state tuition under AB 540 access to public financial aid for the first time — reaches Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk, the topic of undocumented students has garnered mass media and public attention. But
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