Students should gather to rally against Brett Kavanaugh

On Oct. 4 at noon, students, faculty, workers and community members should rally against Brett Kavanaugh on Sproul Plaza as part of a national day of action. President Trump is attempting to install Brett Kavanaugh, a right-wing judge, on the Supreme Court, which would make him the fifth member of
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When feminism follows the money

Theoretical Titillation

So what happens when activists prioritize branding? They downplay the importance of policy for uncritical, often expensive, gatherings and capitalize on the grandiose rhetoric of “empowerment” and “human rights.”
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If your man’s condom fails in Texas

Notes from Underground

If your man’s condom fails in Texas, you’ll only have 20 weeks to decide whether to keep your unwanted pregnancy and only six clinics to help you. Texas House Bill 2, which prohibits women from seeking abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, was passed last Friday by a vote of
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