Close encounters

Laid Bear

I looked out of the bus and saw a woman walking with five pugs scurrying ahead of her on leashes. The man sitting beside me noticed me curiously observing the legion of canines. “Did you know that 68 percent of all American households have pets?” he asked me as the
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Reasons you might be late to class at UC Berkeley

Sure, there are the typical “I slept through my alarm” or “I lost track of time while getting ready” excuses — these things happen to everyone. But what about all the wild things that happen only to Berkeley kids? Here are some reasons why even Berkeley time might not save the students at UC Berkeley.
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Public lands may be key to solving Bay Area housing crisis

Authored by San Francisco state Assemblymember David Chiu, AB 2923 allows BART to streamline the planning and construction of housing projects on its property. And as contentious as the politics around this legislation may have been, its eventual enactment underscores a growing seriousness of purpose around the Bay Area about bringing real solutions to the region’s housing crisis to the fore.
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