Once again, UC Berkeley has failed to make its buildings accessible for all students

CAMPUS ISSUES: Students who live in campus housing should not have to fight for basic accessibility

For nearly three weeks from late October to mid-November, a UC Berkeley residence building in Unit 3 failed to meet the most basic accessibility standard — students had to go without an elevator in the eight-story structure. This is just one example of how UC Berkeley has failed to be accessible for all students.
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Peering over the edge of the precipice

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: University of California students must advocate for the value of education and seek to increase the accessibility to the general public.

The University of California is at the edge of a precipice, at a critical moment for the future of the system. And we, as UC students, are forced into a unique position — simultaneously enrolled in one of the best higher education systems, reaping its benefits, while still suffering the
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