The classes that should be taught

At UC Berkeley, there are many interesting classes taught, from Drugs and the Brain to Philosophy of Language. However, practical classes that teach you how to properly be an adult are often missing from the yearly curriculum. So, we here at the Clog decided to think of useful classes that
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What not to say in front of your boss

Summer is the time when students are constantly scrambling to find an internship. When that opportunity finally arrives, circumstances don’t always measure up to the expectations that you go in with. We at the Clog have accumulated a couple precautions to take into consideration when entering the professional world. Never
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Just breakfast

Off the Beat

I’m walking up Bancroft Way with my friend Lu. I’m happy to see her. After all, she has been in New York City all summer, and I am finally having a satisfying connection with a friend for the first time this semester. Up until this moment, I feel like I’ve
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