Carpe (per) diem

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As college students, we always seem to be complaining about our lack of money. Budgeting is really just an added burden to studying, sleeping and doing laundry, and it’s all too easy to open our wallets and let those little green papers take care of our troubles. No wonder students find themselves short on
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Picks of the week: Midsummer adventures

Summer has been flying by and as we approach mid-July, most of us are trying to soak in our time away from the library and lecture halls as much as possible. With more free time on our hands, these picks might just help you cram in a few adventures by
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A note from the editors

Adventure is all around us.  Travel can be an escape, an opportunity to leave home and learn about the world.  A huge part of the college experience at Berkeley is traveling — to study abroad, do research or have fun with your friends. But as much as you hear “travel
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It’s hard to fall back asleep

Man Under Bridge

I hit snooze too often. Five more minutes of sleep can quickly turn into an hour. Suddenly it’s sunny and I’m running late for everything. Throw on a shirt and some pants, and I’m out the door. The drowsiness lasts for most of the day. I could blame it on anemia,
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