What’s in a name?

Off the Beat

I realized our names don’t define us — instead we fill them with our own identities. My name has nothing to do with my dad and I’ve reclaimed it as mine. In the end, I’ve decided I don’t need to change my name. I’m happy with just making it my own.
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To be wrapped in the warmth of Ocean Beach

We often dream of the exotic realms of the Sahara Desert or the architectural beauty of Milan, but forget the countless wonders that surround our beloved Bay Area. We don’t realize that just 25 miles away from the shore lies a marvel bordering the Pacific Ocean known as Ocean Beach. Public transportation allows
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What’s porn, anyways?

As the first ever NYC Pornographic Film Festival is set to begin Feb. 27, erotic creative artists from every corner of the industry are gearing up to show their work. Yet the unusual mix of artists has already raised questions about what actually constitutes porn. With submissions ranging from standard
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