ASUC to dedicate senate chambers to Courtney Brousseau

Cheyenne Tex/File
The ASUC Senate Inter-semester Committee passed a resolution renaming the senate chambers after UC Berkeley alumnus Courtney Brousseau, who served as ASUC chief communications officer and chair of the ASUC Student Union Board of Directors.

The ASUC Senate Inter-semester Committee met Wednesday and passed four resolutions, including one to rename the senate chambers in Eshleman Hall to the Courtney Garg Brousseau Chambers.
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Berkeley Health Report lacks data on LGBTQ+, immigrant communities

The city of Berkeley recently completed the 2018 Health Status Report, assessing a broad range of data to better understand the social inequities of health conditions affecting our community, assess prevention efforts and identify emerging health threats. This information is crucial because if we can better understand not just the
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