Amid housing crisis, CA must pass SB 9

STATE AFFAIRS: Housing in California is a precarious balancing act, and SB 9 could tip the scale in the right direction.

Illustration of blueprint turning into a house
Jericho Tang/Staff

A statewide end to single-family zoning might be exactly the bold change that will keep California afloat. By 2025, California will need 1.8 million new homes to meet demand. SB 9 could be another crucial step toward reaching this goal.
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Berkeley Rent and Legislation, From 1978 to Today

Berkeley rent has, in general, increased at a faster rate than the Bay Area Consumer Price Index. The legislation passed through the years appears to have done little to counter or even minimize that, which is especially apparent in the years since Costa Hawkins and reinforced by November 2018’s results,
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Housing complexes with line of people and cars

We need affordable and market-rate housing

The housing crisis in Berkeley and the greater Bay Area is not an unfamiliar narrative to most. Many residents agree that there is a problem, but they disagree on how to solve it. Last month, Berkeley City Council approved Shattuck Green Terrace Apartments, an 18-story, 274-unit apartment building in Downtown
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