Checklist for your next trip to Cape Town

Eunkyo Jo/Staff

Summer after freshman year, back in 2019, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Cape Town, South Africa. I spent six weeks immersing myself in local attractions and the natural beauty of the city. The balance between nature, sea and city life reminded me of familiar cities on the coast such as San Francisco and port cities on the Korean peninsula, yet the South African culture and history added a unique, beautiful twist.
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Phantasms of inclusion

Cal in Color

Just because UC Berkeley isn’t majority white doesn’t mean that it truly includes its Black undergraduates — and labelling our campus as POC-majority further erases Black students.
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Cafenated Coffee Co. brings business to Gourmet Ghetto

With a mission to make coffee that is grown and harvested by women more accessible and more widely represented in the global economy, the cafe is dedicated to sourcing and roasting coffee from “well established” women’s coffee farm cooperatives in Central America, Africa and South America, according to the Cafenated Coffee website.
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