Students must advocate for farmworkers’ equal rights

Ameena Golding/Staff

Agricultural industry representatives acknowledge the fragility of a food system that depends on migratory labor and undocumented farmers who work under temporary or unsafe circumstances and are in need of a more sustainable solution. United States policies systematically exclude agricultural workers from labor protections, pose a significant barrier for political advocacy and ultimately lock them in a vicious cycle of economic, political and social vulnerability.
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An apple a day: Healthy for all?

Have you ever looked down the aisle in a grocery store and wondered, “How did all of this get here?” When considering processed foods, the answer can be rather long and complicated. In the produce section, however, one would think that fruits and vegetables would have an easily identifiable source.
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In the trophy room

Reel Life

We all have our own trophy rooms, and we’re all collectors of some sort. We adorn our walls with paintings and line our shelves with photographs. For some, it’s an art form. For others, it’s just the mosaic of life.
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Gill Tract occupation impedes agricultural research

Spring is a busy time for a maize geneticist. Experiments have to be planned, students have to be recruited and thousand of seeds have to be carefully organized and packaged for planting. It is important to get everything just right, because we only get one opportunity to do large-scale field
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