AirBears, you suck … but not for long!

There are many places on campus where the AirBears signal is so weak that you just want to pull your hair out. Your Internet connection has slowed to a crawl and pages take whole minutes to load (gasp). Fortunately Berkeley alum Roland Saekow, who was also tired of weak AirBears
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Meme team

Life in the Matrix

What my friends think I do: geek out. What my mom thinks I do: she doesn’t. What society thinks I do: write things not worthy of comment. What I think I do: craft profound explorations of human cyber-consciousness. What my editor thinks I do: place a wrench in the publishing
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Vote for meow

Honesty is the best policy — unless, of course, “seduction” is the policy in question. The Oxford English Dictionary defines seduction as “The action or an act of seducing (a person) to err in conduct or belief; allurement (to some course of action).” In other less pretty words, seduction is manipulation’s
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Airing grievances

CAMPUS ISSUES: Concerns that ASUC voting over AirBears will increase cheating are legitimate but fail to address the problem.

The ASUC has for decades embodied real-world politics more than many student governments on other campuses. This emulation, though, carries with it the best and worst of partisan factionalism. The senate made the right decision in allowing voters to cast their ballots over AirBears this year. However, concerns that the
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ASUC Senate holds first meeting of the semester

At the first ASUC Senate meeting of the spring semester Wednesday night, senators announced the development of a new smartphone application for UC Berkeley students and the renaming of the board that oversees student government commercial activities. After the senate moved to rename the ASUC Store Operations Board as the
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