Berkeley resident faces federal handgun possession charges

Photo of San Pablo Park
Brian Bi/File
During Memorial Day weekend 2021, an occupant of a BMW SUV allegedly fired nine shots toward San Pablo Park. City resident Reginald Patillo has since been charged in federal court with possession of three handguns allegedly linked to the shooting investigation.

Berkeley resident Reginald Patillo was charged in federal court on Dec. 10 with possession of three handguns allegedly linked to a Memorial Day shooting investigation. 
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Illustration about saving water

CA is in a drought: we can’t ignore it

STATE AFFAIRS: The state is facing an extreme drought, and yet people don’t seem to be talking about what we can and must do to support our communities.

If we’ve learned anything from climate change, it’s that life as we know it will not continue if we don’t take responsibility and reduce its effects.
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