What Berkeley police can (and can’t) use during protests

Julian Kilchling /File
Protesters yell at each other in alt-right rally April 15 at Civic Center Park, while police stand between the groups.

In light of the Ben Shapiro event Sept. 14 and Milo Yiannopoulos’s “Free Speech Week,” from Sept. 24-27, there has been discussion about what Berkeley Police Department can use at protests. Here is a list of the equipment police officers are able to use in crowd control situations.
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The Bulb is homeless’s home

CITY AFFAIRS: The Albany City Council's effort to remove homeless residents from the Bulb favors the leisure of the many over the basic needs of the few

Despite its good-faith effort to connect Albany Bulb residents with much-needed mental health and relocation services, Albany City Council’s decision to dismantle the Bulb’s encampment has contributed to what has become a worrying Bay Area trend: de facto criminalization of homelessness. On Wednesday, Albany City Council agreed to a settlement
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