Drop it like it’s hot

Love Letter to Nobody in Particular

Dear Once Bitten, Twice Shy, Albert Einstein described insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. And while Albert is far less intelligent than I am, I’ll have to agree with him on this one. In the realm of romance, in which Al presumably
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Put your butt in these places

Eating, scrolling through memes and pooping — all the best parts of life are done sitting down. It also means you aren’t standing, jogging or doing anything else that could be considered exercise. The fold-out chairs of lecture halls are decent enough, but not all seats are created equal. Some
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3 tips to help you up when you’re feeling down

It’s sometimes weird the things that make us feel depressed — a 14-year-old incontinent dog, for example. Not because that’s gross and doggy diapers are degrading for all parties involved but because it reminds us that one day, in about 490 dog years, we, too, will require diapers. The fact
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Make things your own

Salas in solace

Stoves that don’t turn on, lights that won’t turn off and a heater that has a tendency to light things on fire: just a few of the fun things that the previous tenants of my apartment left for my roommates and me. So far, we have survived just fine, and I’ve kind of managed to make myself comfortable in the rather stereotypical ramshackle college apartment I now live in.
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