Check your intake at the front door

Be responsible about alcohol consumption in the residence halls

For Halloween, I was a Cal track and field champion — not because I went out that night clad in blue and gold short shorts, wristbands and running shoes but because for one night, I had to nearly break the Cal long jump record — on several occasions — just
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Criminal treatment on football game days

Innocent students are subject to harsh random alcohol testing

My name is Andy Furillo, and I am a 21-year-old senior here at Berkeley. I have been an avid Cal football fan since I was a toddler and have been a student season ticket holder every year I have been at Berkeley. As I prefer to remember and analyze the
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Leave the alcohol at home, drink safely on gameday

With the new Memorial Stadium completed, football games are back on our home turf. Last Saturday marked the first football game of the season, and Berkeley was flooded with blue and gold, eager alums, students and fans cheering on the Golden Bears. While most enjoyed the event without any problems,
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Unnatural police

CITY AFFAIRS: We hope a new countywide vice team does not focus on underage drinking. The student community is best handled by UCPD and BPD.

Punishments don’t always fit their crimes. At the end of finals week in May, students at the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity house were cited for underage drinking. We are not disputing the illegality of underage drinking — but the circumstances surrounding the incident are strange, suspicious and cause for alarm.
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The sun is up — get out of my bed

Ah. It’s the morning after. You wake up, look around you or next to you, and it hits you. You remember that last night, for whatever reason, you hooked up with the person beside you (or in whose room you’re in). Whether you’ve known them for a while or just
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State lifts old ban on infused alcoholic beverages

Gov. Jerry Brown signed into immediate effect a senate bill on Sept. 21 which ended an outdated, state-wide ban on infused alcoholic beverages. SB 32 — proposed by Senator Mark Leno, D-San Francisco — officially lifted an old law in California prohibiting the sale of alcohol that is mixed with
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Alcoholic awareness

The increase this year in alcohol-related casualty calls by students indicates the campus environment must change.

At universities nationwide, the same weary mantra plays out semester after semester — college students binge-drink in dorms and anywhere that will serve hard liquor. UC Berkeley is no different, and we recognize that this is to be expected, but the spike in students rushed to the hospital for alcohol
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