UC Berkeley admissions cap sparks controversy

photo of the Campanile
William Webster/Senior Staff
While many campus-affiliated groups oppose the enrollment freeze, proponents of the move argue that factors such as an increase in homelessness and noise levels are attributable to the increase in the student population.

A court-ordered cap on UC Berkeley student admissions, which may restrict enrollment to 2020-21 levels, has sparked controversy among Berkeley city officials and community members.
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Student Action presidential candidate Amma Sarkodee-Adoo plans to provide basic needs security, inclusion, accountability

When Amma Sarkodee-Adoo moved from a small town in Arizona to Berkeley, she decided to find out what activism looked like in this community. With very few people from her high school around her, she realized she wanted to support people who are unfamiliar with the community when they arrive and those who struggle at UC Berkeley.
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