Illustrated Mug of Lauren Harvey


Better left unsaid

Often, I can relate to WILLOW’s contradictory impulses. It is one thing to admit to weakness; it is another to make room for help.
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Terrence loves you

Cutting Room Floor

We were watching “American Psycho” when I kissed him for the last time. In some ways, I felt like I was kissing Patrick Bateman but that I’d rewritten the script and found his heart in his hand, at least for the night. Or maybe I was kissing the Dude. “The
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In memory of Phillip Seymour Hoffman

In the span of his 23-year career, Phillip Seymour Hoffman appeared in more than 50 films. His portrayal of Truman Capote in Bennett Miller’s “Capote” (2005) won him the Academy Award for Best Actor. Additionally, he was nominated for Academy Awards three times for supporting roles.
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Tunesday: Songs That Make a Scene

In case your summer media indulgence has taken a dip, Tunesday will help you get right back on track. This week’s playlist takes iconic scenes from movies that simply would not be the same without the musical overlay. Therefore it is not only a collection of notable tracks but also
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Off the beat: Learning to be alone on Valentine’s Day

For the past two years, I have met up with my valentine. We go through the motions. We watch movies. We have sex. Last year, we even baked a cake. It was chocolate with raspberries on top. These might sound like normal romantic activities. But the thing is, I was single both of these times.
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