Chancellor Dirks did the ice bucket challenge and it was awesome

This weekend, our very own Chancellor Dirks dumped a bucket of ice on his head in response to a nomination by MIT president L. Rafael Reif to help raise awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Chancellor Dirks assured everyone that the whole affair would be done in an eco-friendly way — the water was to be recycled for gardening purposes. Check out the whole fabulous video below, complete with Chancellor Dirks’s awesome hair.
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The UnSeung Hero: Scott Fujita and the spirit of social activism

Cal alumnus and newly retired NFL player Scott Fujita leaves a legacy of social activism for Cal student-athletes to emulate

As the sun rose over Machu Picchu Monday morning, the new day began a new era for Scott Fujita. As the light shined upon the ancient Incan ruins, Fujita, a Cal alumnus and an NFL linebacker, perched on one of its giant stone slabs and signed a one-day contract with
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