‘Show that you love me’: Berkeley celebrates 35th Juneteenth Festival

Photo of a mural at the Berkeley Juneteenth Festival
Anita Liu/Staff
In celebration of Juneteenth, Berkeley and Oakland residents attended the 35th annual Juneteenth Festival. The festival included live performances, food and various activities.

From the intersections of Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Wooley Street to Adeline and Alcatraz, Berkeley and Oakland residents took the streets for the 35th annual Berkeley Juneteenth Festival on Saturday. 
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photo of columnist Moideen Moidunny

Another view of privilege

Cal in Color

I received this lofty treatment merely because, as an American, my relatives subconsciously associated me with capital and with power — or, more specifically, with access to it.
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My prep school reckoning

Off the Beat

I’d been ignorant about so many of my classmates’ experiences. Where had I been while so many other incidents of racism and classism had gone on?
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Certainly uncertain

American Pie?

“American Pie?” is my amateur attempt at asking and answering what I want to be; rather than exploring how much pie I can have, I ask how much I will eat.
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