What does it mean to be an individual?

My cohort is allegedly narcissistic and selfish. Recently, LinkedIn found through a survey that 68 percent of millennials would sacrifice a friendship for a promotion. Ouch. I, too, could feign superiority and look down upon my generation, but that would be disingenuous of me. I don’t think our fears and anxieties are unfounded. The cost of living is higher. More than a quarter of a million college graduates last year had minimum wage jobs. Still, I am hesitant to say that the academy has turned students into immoral, irrational players of commercial interest, as Allan Bloom suggests in “The Closing of the American Mind.” If anything, I am rather uncharacteristically optimistic about the broadening of disciplines and diversity in the modern university, which, though imperfect, opens up the potential for collectivity. And I am rather optimistic about what my generation has to offer.
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The immigrant priority

Cultural Crossroads

“My cousin came to me crying,” related Sudha Patel, owner and manager of the Downtown Berkeley Inn, as she attended to some reservations during my first encounter with her. “I think her son wanted to study film instead of medicine or engineering, and she was upset. But I told her,
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Is the China Dream the next American Dream?

Notes from Underground

I have a dream. Gatsby has a dream. So does Xi Jinping. While watching “The Great Gatsby,” I couldn’t help but think about the ideal of the American Dream, that marvelous little cloud that hangs above us all. For a long time, however, that cloud was known to rest above
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What does the China dream mean?

Daily Cal opinion blogger Anh Thai asks students and employees on campus what the China Dream means and how the China Dream compares with the American Dream.

UC Berkeley Labor Center teach-in focuses on economic inequality

A teach-in hosted by the UC Berkeley Labor Center Wednesday entitled “Economic Inequality Teach In: Causes, Consequences and Solutions,” featured some of the campus’s prominent economic and political thinkers and social justice activists analyzing the causes and consequences of injustices that continue to exist. Solutions to growing economic inequality include
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Watching the wave crash

Man Under Bridge

My uncle tends to be contrarian. He relishes being able to play devil’s advocate and goes to great lengths to prove the smallest points — I look up to him. We’ll be sitting around drinking coffee, and I swear to God Atlas is shrugging and Ayn Rand is asking for
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