Photo of Marina Mezhibovsky

My Ukrainian identity

In the past few days, Ukraine has also taught the rest of the world what it means to love freedom, what it means to be brave in the face of danger and what it means to be a hero.
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photo of columnist Moideen Moidunny

The revival of Moideen

Cal in Color

As “Deen,” I no longer had to be the ambassador for my name’s origin. I could just be an “American,” freed from the shackles of my name’s uniqueness in this country.
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Photo of preparing dumplings

Lessons from cooking

Growing up as a second-generation Chinese American with a largely American upbringing, I found it easy to feel disconnected from my cultural background.
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2 halves of a whole

Off the Beat

Despite its sometimes arbitrary use, my Chinese name has always felt like a gift: I was the last one in my family named by my great-grandmother.
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An elegy for all the R’s I rolled

Something to write home about

I want to extend this advice to all readers: In this lockdown, watch some movies from different parts of your parents’ countries — or even your friends’. 
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