Amsterdam and Paris: a tale of two cities

The first thing I noticed about Amsterdam was that our cab was a Tesla. Your taxi’s make and model aren’t things you think about, like, ever. But when your first experience in a new place involves a (pretty attractive) driver in a suave gray suit and tie whisking you away to your
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Seeking the voices of the past

Last year while studying abroad, I met an elderly man in Amsterdam named Rolf. He and his wife, who have both since died, were Holocaust survivors. I mentioned to him that I was staying near the apartment where Anne Frank had been hidden.
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Cycling through barriers

Tales of Two Cities

On Monday night, I stood in Downtown San Francisco, staring at Violetta. My heart swelled with sadness over her broken state. All I wanted was to find out who did this to her and make that person pay. Violetta is the name of my violet bike (also, my gray backpack
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