Take it like a man


Nathan Lee sits across from me on the bench as we both scarf down a late dinner. Inside the theater across the street, our dance group’s tech rehearsal is underway for our big shows that weekend. He’s a very different person than the guy I met freshman year — more
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ASUC SUPERB’s fall 2015 film screening lineup

For the rest of fall 2015, ASUC SUPERB will be screening some of the summer’s biggest blockbusters right here on campus. From explosive action flicks to family-friendly animations, this semester has an enjoyable film for everyone. Take a look at our exclusive announcement of SUPERB’s fall 2015 film calendar, and
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5 reasons we are train wrecks

This summer’s latest buzz-worthy movie, “Trainwreck,” is a comedic take on the realistic and oh-so-relatable struggle of what it’s like to be a total mess. The film, written and starred in by Amy Schumer, follows Amy, a character who leads a superficially satisfied and worry-free life of commitment-free sex and
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