Artist, interrupted

Work in Progress

Life is really funny: I watched “Girl, Interrupted” for the first time just a few weeks before I landed myself in a psychiatric ward a month and a half ago.
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‘Allied’ lacks power couple potential

When it comes to husband-and-wife spy movies, this isn’t Brad Pitt’s first time at the rodeo. The 2005 action comedy “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” famously launched his relationship with Angelina Jolie (which, sadly, has since deteriorated into a filing for a divorce). But while on-screen romance in “Mr. and Mrs.
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Tumultous history of Ireland unfolds in ”71′

Jack O’Connell has a knack for choosing unglamourous roles. The British actor is known for his part as a misguided skinhead in “This Is England,” the explosively angry James Cook on the teen drama “Skins,” a violent inmate in “Starred Up” and POW Louis Zamperini in Angelina Jolie’s “Unbroken.” In
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