PETA alleges mistreatment of bats during UC Berkeley research

Photo of a short-nosed fruit bat
AntanO/Creative Commons

Following multiple reports of bats sustaining injuries or dying during UC Berkeley research, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, alleged that UC Berkeley mistreats bats in animal facilities and called upon campus to switch to safer, human-based research.
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An Omelas for animals in Berkeley

“The door is always locked; and nobody ever comes, except that sometimes — the child has no understanding of time or interval — sometimes the door rattles terribly and opens, and a person, or several people, is there. One of them may come in and kick the child to make
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Extermination of park squirrels is a shame

CITY AFFAIRS: Exterminating rodents in Cesar Chavez Park is a regrettable necessity that could have been avoided with proper planning.

When it comes to the potentially environmentally destructive squirrel and gopher infestation at Cesar Chavez Park, Berkeley city officials have left themselves with two options: bad and worse.
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