Summer is here, which means the dogs are out!   Video by Chris Tril and Ashley-Grace Vo

UC Berkeley majors as animals

Sssssss. Is that a Haas snake we hear? Probably, considering they’re basically everywhere. The Haas snake is an overrated creature, consistently being the butt of the joke of UC Berkeley via memes on UCBMFET. But what about the other majors here at UC Berkeley?
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Quiz: What pet should you get?

It can get a little lonely in Berkeley sometimes, and we at the Clog know how hard it can be to miss your family pets back home. If you are thinking about getting a new companion for the long nights at college, we advise you take this quiz (and take
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A scientific study of UC Berkeley’s GSIs

The common graduate student instructor, Latin name Eruditorem discipulus, is a moderately large, library-dwelling breed endemic to the campus and surrounding areas of UC Berkeley. Despite its relatively frequent appearance in classrooms and other areas associated with learning and knowledge, the graduate student instructor, or GSI, is still a favorite
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Academy Award nominations: Berkeley redux

The 88th Academy Awards has stirred a lot of controversy due to the lack of diversity in the nominees, which is no shocker. Even on campus, many important people and places go unrecognized. To remedy this, we at the Clog have come up with some categories and nominations of our own to
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Quiz: how many of these animals have you seen on campus?

Berkeley: Home to more scurrying, hairy, little tricksters in the greenery than just squirrels. And if you read the Clog regularly, you are probably sick of reading about this squirrel shit anyway. Lucky for you, this quiz is here to separate the real zoologists from the people who woo wildlife just long enough to take
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Photo Essay: Animals of Foothill

Coming from Singapore, I’d never really seen wild deer before coming to Berkeley. Unlike a lot of people here, I find the squirrels of Berkeley absolutely adorable. Everywhere I look there is wildlife to be found. I love that I am able to walk out of my dorm and within
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Here’s to Meatless Monday

President Bill Clinton, once known for his love of fast food, has been making headlines for his recent dietary change. He’s swapped the Big Macs, chicken nuggets and fried shrimp for veggie burgers, beans and fresh fruits and vegetables. After years of battling heart problems — even undergoing quadruple-bypass surgery
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Just following orders


I spent my entire childhood in the park — chasing little kids who chased pigeons, rescuing drowning bees from swimming pools, visiting lonely-looking animals at PetCo. Then one day, I was instructed to put several live baby fish in a freezer, an action which went completely against my beliefs.
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