UC Berkeley community speaks out in support of ASUC Senator Gabbi Sharp

Photo of ASUC Logo
Lisi Ludwig/Senior Staff
ASUC Senator Gabbi Sharp received support from UC Berkeley students and fellow senators at ASUC’s Wednesday meeting. Senator Sharp voiced her desire to continue representing her communities in the senate and thanked the speakers for their public support.

UC Berkeley community members spoke in favor of ASUC Senator Gabrielle Sharp and criticized some of the responses to her tweets during Wednesday’s ASUC meeting.
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150 Years of The Daily Californian

We scoured more than 100 years of digital archives to highlight notable events from campus and Daily Cal history. From the very first game at Memorial Stadium to the Milo Yiannopoulos protests, we compiled headlines from nearly every decade since the Daily Cal was founded in 1871. So sit back, relax and take a scroll through history.
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Thank you, Katie

Changing the game

49ers offensive assistant Katie Sowers has persevered and inspired people around the nation on her path to becoming the first female coach in a Super Bowl.
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