Illustration of a cobweb-ridden library book behind criss-cross Caution tape.

Don’t close libraries: They are part of us

Many libraries dedicated to the humanities and social sciences — including S/SEAL — represent a celebration of specific histories, cultures and scholarships of underrepresented communities.

They are not just housing ancient artifacts or dusty preservations of a lost civilization — they are a part of living, breathing and evolving cultures.
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Teams of library employees to investigate streamlining measures

In a bid to improve UC Berkeley libraries while mitigating fiscal deficits, library administrators have tasked teams of employees with exploring ways to continue library services and expand digital access to information in a more streamlined way. After presenting the teams’ proposals to the Library Committee of the Berkeley Division
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Progressive protest

CAMPUS ISSUES: By peacefully occupying the anthropology library at Kroeber Hall, protesters proved direct action can work.

With so many voices constantly demanding salvation for the University of California in the face of the state’s ever-mounting budget crisis, solid and constructive victories are often difficult to find. When protesters occupied Kroeber Hall’s anthropology library between last Thursday and Saturday and pushed UC Berkeley’s administration to preserve its
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Weekly Recap: Episode One (Jan. 15 – Jan. 22)

Welcome to the first episode of the “Weekly Recap”, narrated by Photo Editor Kevin Foote. This video covers the first week of school and all its happenings: -Bookstores were crowded with students buying books. -Bus passes were distributed. -It started raining Thursday (Jan. 19). -Occupy Cal rally at noon on
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