Illustration of horror movie characters surrounding a figure tucked into bed

How horror movies helped my anxiety

The characters did have a good reason to worry about their surroundings and environment: something or someone was going after them. There might be a few people going after me, but they aren’t as spooky as Freddy Kreuger or a cult in an isolated village. I was worrying about turning in my homework on time.
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Illustration of students in a crowded Berkeley classroom, a raincloud hovering over one central student

We have a serious mental health crisis…but go Bears?

There is nothing impressive about pushing yourself to the point of no return — it is always braver to be vulnerable. Maybe it’s time that admitting when it’s hard, asking for help and practicing self-care become a part of who we are as UC Berkeley students.
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gloomy photo of campus

Understanding purpose anxiety: A personal essay

As the holiday season kicks into full gear, perhaps some of the most dreadful questions college students receive surround their ambitions. Although we know they come with good intentions most of the time, questions surrounding our academic journeys and career paths such as “How’s your degree going?” or “What’s your
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