Time loss

Bear in Mind

My bed and I have a complicated, toxic love-hate relationship. Mental illness is exhausting and causes me to sleep a lot.
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The myth of a work-life balance

Cal in Color

But the campus and its gatekeepers of all colors still seem to be failing to understand that no amount of special grants for student-parents will make the campus more diverse if the culture around supporting parenting people does not also shift in practice.
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Music to my qu-ears

At nearly every moment in my life, music has been the water and the sunlight and the rich soil that sprouted this anxiety-riddled mess of a songstress. Music wove itself into my life, secured by all these little lessons I taught myself.
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A student looking stressed in lecture looking at their schedule

Stop glorifying UC Berkeley’s workaholic stress culture

CAMPUS ISSUES: On this college campus, professors and administrators must encourage learning — not academic burnout

A recent tweet criticizing a UC Berkeley electrical engineering and computer sciences professor’s proposed 80-hour weekly academic workload has outraged many community members. But this incident is symptomatic of a larger issue: the toxic work culture on this campus. UC Berkeley is often stereotyped as the “workaholic” UC campus, and it’s time for the community to acknowledge how harmful that title really is.
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