How to leave your mark

We are standing at the edge of an abyss. The abyss is graduation. The abyss is the postgraduation job search. The abyss is phone calls and emails and job fairs and LinkedIn. But most of all, the abyss is a simple question: Can I do it? Last fall, I decided
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Nothingness is a hard drug

Safe, Sane and Consensual

I found myself lying in a shallow pool of warm water about 10 inches deep and 10 times more buoyant than seawater. If I moved, the water tickling my arms reminded me that I wasn’t hopelessly adrift on the Dead Sea at night.
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FOMO: fear of missing out

Off the Beat

I could hardly sit still in my room long enough to watch a TV show, and sometimes that drove me positively crazy. It’s acceptable to spend a Tuesday buried in books; try the same thing on a Saturday, and the fear of missing out, aka FOMO, rears its ugly head.
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Micro-anxieties of UC Berkeley students

We may look calm and collected … but don’t let that cool facade fool you. We at UC Berkeley experience multiple waves of minor anxiety attacks as we wade through each academic day. They might not seem all that panic-inducing, but trust us: our hearts always skip a beat when
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Feeling good, or at least better

Tales of Two Cities

This week, I saw a girl walk into the bathroom in Barrows, messy hair stuffed into a ponytail, wrinkles all over her shirt and Cal sweatpants. She placed herself in front of the mirror, plopped her forehead on the mirror’s cold surface and just stood there silently for a few
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Come test day, do you forget everything you studied?

You’ve spent days, weeks (but let’s be real, days) preparing for your upcoming midterm, and it’s finally test time. If there were some reliable success-predicting equation, you’re positive the time you dedicated to those seamless notes, that perfect attendance and that mile-high flashcard stack would be more than sufficient to
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Open hearts, healthy minds

The scars of mental health problems may be hard to see, but they are an unfortunate part of most college campuses. Recognizing this, UC Berkeley’s administration reached out to students last week to promote a survey asking important questions about the accessibility of mental health resources on campus as well
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Too great expectations

Critical Musings

Lately I’ve been feeling guilty about not living up to the expectations I have of myself. Hearing me complain, a friend suggested I think about what 10th-grade me might think of present-day me. Tenth-grade me would be pretty happy with where I am. Tenth-grade me would feel proud of getting
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