Faculty waving Palestinian flags with sign "we support Palestine" in front of Sather Gate

University of California must allow faculty to boycott Israel in academia

On Dec. 13, the 10 UC chancellors took the unusual step of signing a collective statement that opposed the “academic boycott of Israeli academic institutions and/or individual scholars” as being a “direct and serious” threat to academic freedom. When some faculty members expressed concerns that such a high-level collective statement
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Divestment debate: Our university is complicit in human rights violations

Perspectives on Israel-related divestment as the ASUC considers bills connected to the topic

Jim Crow was wrong for the United States, and it’s wrong for Israel. Last month, President Barack Obama and congressional leaders gathered at the U.S. Capitol to unveil a full-size bronze statue in honor of Rosa Parks. The legendary civil rights icon was honored for sparking the Montgomery Bus Boycott,
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Divestment debate: Support peace instead

Perspectives on Israel-related divestment as the ASUC Senate considers bills connected to the topic

On Wednesday, the ASUC Senate will likely consider either to divest from companies that do business with Israel or to instead invest peacemaking initiatives that bring Israelis and Palestinians together. As a freshman, I experienced the divestment effort of spring 2010. From dusk to dawn on three Wednesday nights through
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