Housing for dummies, part 3

Leasing can seem like a daunting task. Mountains of paperwork for you (maybe some for your parents too), credit checks, reference sheets, intimidating landlords and their man-eating robots that enforce rent … all that stuff! We’re exaggerating, of course. However, don’t be fooled: Leasing can be seriously scary, unless you
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Housing for dummies, part 1

For some of you, freshman year is coming to an end. Despite free wifi, a full staff of computer consultants, spotless bathrooms, tidy halls and cafeteria-style buffets  — despite all of that — you desperately want to escape dorm living. Perhaps it’s the card-swiping guardians whose nightly watch unsettles you.
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Desperation overrules reason

In retrospect, these irregularities should have been the first warning signs. But desperation prevailed, and we signed and returned the document as quickly as we could, eager to end our protracted search for next year’s home.
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Make things your own

Salas in solace

Stoves that don’t turn on, lights that won’t turn off and a heater that has a tendency to light things on fire: just a few of the fun things that the previous tenants of my apartment left for my roommates and me. So far, we have survived just fine, and I’ve kind of managed to make myself comfortable in the rather stereotypical ramshackle college apartment I now live in.
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Video: Cal Cribs

Since Cal Day is Saturday, hoards of perspective students are flooding onto campus. To help them out, we went to different housing options in Berkeley and got a tour with a sorority, fraternity, co-op, private housing, dorm and apartment. Watch the video as they show off their crib!