Looking for the word

Sex on Tuesday

I refuse to accept the narrative that I and other women are responsible for their assault. I’ll wear a short skirt, get drunk at a party and flirt with men all night — it doesn’t mean I am asking to be assaulted.
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An apple a day keeps the aunties away

In My Size

At my large, Mexican American family’s reunions, judgmental comments about my body shape were always present. One of these moments occurred when I was 14 years old at my cousin’s birthday party. We had just finished singing happy birthday, and I had served myself a plate of cake and ice
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How to be an #influencer at UC Berkeley

How do you rack up the influence you need to become an #influencer, especially at a school like UC Berkeley where it takes true willpower to be influenced (except when it comes to succumbing to buying AirPods)? Luckily, we at the Clog have your answer.
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The dark side of screens

Mommy Issues

My son has been watching children’s shows since he was a year old. Of course, during the first couple of months of parenting, I swore that I wouldn’t be the parent who let her child watch television at such a young age. During pregnancy, when I saw many parents shamelessly
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