A look back at UC Berkeley’s computer evolution

When Carlos Noreña entered UC Berkeley as a freshman in 1988, he, like so many university students,  “came armed with a large, boxy Apple Macintosh computer.” As students, the computer is our lifeline, our bread and butter, the indispensable utility belt to our Batman. But, for Noreña, the situation was
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Hipsters for dum-dums

A guide to the plaid-clad plague sweeping through the boroughs of San Francisco

Hipsters suck. They walk like the sidewalk’s a runway, and speak like no one else knows what they’re talking about. Your seemingly typical generational, conforming non-conformists, hipsters don leather belts on jeans already too small for them, and wear turquoise-shell Ray-Bans that annoyingly nuzzle their thick heads. Scrutinize or glorify
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‘Can you hear me now?’

Man Under Bridge

I’m new to the smartphone game. Every day I feel like I learn something new. A better app for this, a better way to store that. The way my phone has the capability to do so much in such a little frame, the way it documents and organizes my life
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Grand opening of Apple store attracts local fans

Apple Inc. fans and customers flocked to West Berkeley on Saturday to witness the unveiling of the company’s new store on Fourth Street. Nearly 300 people waited throughout the morning to enter the East Bay’s fourth Apple store location at 1823 Fourth Street — some even arriving at midnight the
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