To choose or not to choose

Sex on Tuesday

The notion of preferring one gender strikes me as a very heterosexual way of thinking, but preferences aren’t so crazy, even if you really like all your options. And I often used to wonder: Do I have a preference? And if so, why?
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5 minute apple crumble recipe

Every now and then, we crave a dessert to have late at night, but we often don’t have the time, nor the patience, to go out and buy something. This quick, simple and delicious alternative to your favorite apple crumble is a perfect, not to mention healthy, way to satisfy
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The thought behind dining hall fruit

For those of us who lived in the dorms once upon a time, and for those of us who still do, we recall days filled with our best friends down the hall, cheesy sticks subsidised by the RAs and nights spent in the floor lounge. Most importantly, though, we remember
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