Take it like a man


Nathan Lee sits across from me on the bench as we both scarf down a late dinner. Inside the theater across the street, our dance group’s tech rehearsal is underway for our big shows that weekend. He’s a very different person than the guy I met freshman year — more
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How different cultures celebrate April Fool’s Day

Amid announcements of pet selfie sticks, confirmed existence of the Force, UberBOAT and Simon Cowell’s face on £5 bills, we at the Clog hope you all took part in the traditional pranking that happened yesterday. While we’re familiar with how this day is celebrated in the United States, here’s a
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April Fools’ Day: Why is this a thing?

April Fools’ Day is widely celebrated throughout most of Western Europe, Canada, the United States and Brazil, but why? Why do we prank one another at the start of a new month? What makes April more foolish than January or May? We at the Clog were curious, so we did some investigating.
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PSA: Bowles Hall becoming something more than residence hall

Last night, the UC Board of Regents made a shocking yet magical announcement: Bowles Hall is scheduled to reopen this fall, not as a residence hall, but as the new UC Hogwarts. A university spokesperson said that during a press conference next week, the headmaster or headmistress will be announced. An undisclosed
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