My diaspora

Cal in Color

A new day begins with a warm, citrus tint cast above the city. I can see it clearly with all its lurid delights. The soo’q (market) is busy with mothers bargaining for lower prices on cabbages and eggplants while children stray further down the marketplace, toward the livestock. They race
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Writing into a revolution

Off the Beat

I watched my family’s home turn into chaos on a television screen as I sat almost 8,000 miles away in California. Swarms of protesters were marching through the streets of Cairo to demand an end to then-president Hosni Mubarak’s rule. I was shocked and didn’t know what to make of
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Social media hits the fan

Miss Communication

In 2011, seven years after Mark Zuckerberg sat in a Harvard dorm room and birthed a monstrosity, I made my Facebook profile. For someone born in the very last years of the 20th century, that was considered late. I sat at a school computer, a black, bulky Windows desktop. Of
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Living a little outside the box

Two steps forward

As long as breaking a rule won’t endanger anything, including and especially my freedom to break rules, and as long as the result of breaking it will be more productive than following it, I say go for it.
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On speech, censorship and Chris Stevens

The Devil's Advocate

What was it that prompted throngs of protesters across the Arab world to rise in fury against the United States? What was the impetus for the violence that left an American consulate burning, an American-run school destroyed, many injured and some dead, including UC Berkeley alumnus and ambassador to Libya Christopher
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