Beauty, a bit on the nose

Cutting Room Floor

When I was 11, I would’ve sold my soul for a nose job. There isn’t anything particularly hideous about my nose. Its bridge rises higher than most Asian noses, forming a little bump before declining into a bulbous, downward-sloping tip. Its round shape even allows me to move the cartilage
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Milo Greene talks change, control and craft

The Los Angeles-based band Milo Greene put out its first and only album in 2012, touring extensively in support of it before settling down to craft its newest compilation, scheduled to be released this January. The upcoming LP, Control, breaks from the haunting feel of the band’s self-titled work to
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Feeling and connecting through art

“I don’t like looking at art,” my friend told me as we listlessly lazed in my apartment, discussing summer plans. “I prefer hands-on exhibits.” Rather than taking offense, I was curious at her comment. It made me think about not only how we engage with art, but also what we
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