Design matters

Off the Beat

Of course, for a school located in the beautiful Bay Area with its nearby technology companies and cutthroat desires to succeed in an ocean of startups and app developers, it’s incredibly easy to put design as a bottom priority.
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Director of ‘Wiglum’ loves filmmaking in the Bay

It’s easy to grow blind to the beauty all around us. It happens quickly and quietly, without so much as two week’s notice, as the glorious cosmos slip through the cracks of our very fingers. “Wiglum,” a production created by UC Berkeley alumni and students, addresses just that. The short
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The nonarchitect’s noncomprehensive selection of cool buildings on campus

Most of us here at the Clog aren’t architects (in fact, none of us are), but we know a good building when we see one. Just as one does not have to be a recognized food critic to know what a good sandwich tastes like (a good sandwich is just a good sandwich), quality is universally recognized. Sorry, this isn’t another succulent Eating Berkeley post, it’s really just us trying to flesh out what it means to enjoy some good architecture. Berkeley has some buildings that look downright elegant. But hey, we don’t make buildings over here at the Clog, so we’re going to do our best to explain the most appealing aesthetic elements of Berkeley’s buildings in non-architectural jargon.
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