Archive of my own: A personal essay

Josh Kahen/Staff

If Goodreads let me count the troves of novel-length fanfiction, or fic, I’m constantly reading, this wouldn’t be a problem. I read for fun all the time — a lot of this time, however, admittedly ends up being spent on the website whose icon I have front and center for easy access when I open Safari on my phone: Archive of Our Own, or AO3, one of the most popular fic websites.
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I read it on the internet

Work in Progress

On my computer, I wrote troves of poetry and metaphorical stories, burdening Microsoft Word documents with lamentations about the depression I had been dealing with since fourth grade, and about my parents divorcing. Alone in my room, symbolic pen in my hand, I began, in earnest, to cement my career as a writer.
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