The Dance Floor

Mind the Gap

I’ve listened to it from front to back, each minute dragging a volumetric feeling with it, and I don’t need to remember its name to love it.
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Tunesday: Heaven knows we were miserable then

I personally attended very few parties in high school. For my friend group and I, it was mostly the age of bookmarked Tumblr pages and cool girl Doc Martens. But I was glad we had good music. No eardrum-busting EDM or tonally repetitive rap music, neither of which my friends
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Tunesday: Golden hour glow

The summer sun is waning, giving way to the muted, orange-hued tones of autumn. So whether you sit on a blanket unfurled upon a four-story rooftop, lay supine on one of the countless meadows strewn throughout campus or simply spread out on your apartment’s prickly bedroom carpet, set aside the
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Royal Blood amps up crowd at Slim’s in live performance

“We played last night, and honestly you guys are kicking their asses,” yells lead singer and bassist, Mike Kerr to a very amped-up crowd garbed in faded black classic rock tees. And it seemed like the crowd at Slim’s, attending the second of the two sold-out Royal Blood shows, was
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Top 10 albums of 2013

The Daily Cal Arts staff lists the top 10 (and more) albums of 2013

Honorable Mentions: Jai Paul — Jai Paul Jai Paul has embarked on a colonial voyage across the archipelagos of popular music to hoard a trove of genre gems, stopping at Ghana and Mumbai along the way. In the process of synthesizing dozens of bizarre mismatches, the British songwriter has discovered
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