Collaborating with the community at Art Murmur

Joy Lin/Staff

“Terminus Exhibition No. 4” at Terminus Salon-style, “Terminus Exhibition No. 4” showcases works by Evan Barbour, Mike Kimball, Adam Springer, Ghost Ghost Teeth, Jon Garaizar and Sarah Craig. Pieces range from abstract expressionist paintings to precisionist sketches of Oakland scenery. Terminus focuses on large group shows to highlight emerging, local
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First Fridays: Looking for inspiration, finding creativity

1. “Reclaiming: A New Asylum” at Creative Growth Art Center In a world removed from conventional art and pop culture lies Creative Growth Art Center’s latest show featuring childlike scribbles, shapes and brushstrokes. “Reclaiming: A New Asylum” showcases the essence of creativity. Part crazy and part beautiful, the exhibition, which
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New exhibitions impress at Oakland Art Murmur

Loakal Art Gallery showcases work by Nite Owl and Chris Granillo

Oakland boasts so much art that it’s impossible to take it all in. Some of it appears furtively, illegally, on the streets and under the onramps. Some of it shows in upscale galleries all over town, with price tags and author credits. Occasionally, the same artist spans the two worlds,
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Your Guide to May Oakland First Fridays

A. The Hive: Small Voids How many artists does it take to create a one-night pop-up gallery? According to Todd Jannausch of Seattle, it takes 100. His installation, “Small Voids,” is making the last stop of its tour at The Hive in Oakland on Friday after Portland, Ore., and Seattle.
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Your guide to April Oakland Art Murmur

Oakland Art Murmur gets new life with a spring art selection for April’s calendar

“Storytellers” If you enjoy people-watching, you will enjoy Jhina Alvarado-Morse’s vintage film-still protagonists in her newest series, “Storytellers,” opening at Manna Gallery on Friday. Our habit of contemplating a person’s life based on a glance causes us to imagine pasts and futures for Alvarado-Morse’s familiar-seeming subjects — and you don’t
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Photo Essay: Oakland’s First Friday returns

Oakland’s First Friday and Art Murmur returned this past week after February’s street festival ended in tragedy when 18-year-old Kiante Campbell was shot and killed at 20th Street and Telegraph Avenue. That First Friday could have been the city’s last. The monthly night gathering attracts thousands for its food, music
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Your guide to March Oakland Art Murmur

March’s OAM calendar brings innovative shows to various Oakland Galleries

The Free Gallery by Free Utopian Projects at Pro Arts Imagine your hoarder great aunt’s attic. Now add some color and get rid of the spiderwebs. Next add Christmas-hued plaid suitcases, a sombrero, a cootie-catcher or two, and you almost have “The Free Gallery” now open at Pro Arts. Almost.
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